Southern Africa Brands

  • Superdry


    Superdry is an exciting, contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products which fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. They are charac...

  • Levi’s Apparel

    Levi’s Apparel

    Levis is synonymous with the invention of the Blue Jean back in 1873 and today is known by most people for its classic American and effortless style. Expressing this same style, Le...

  • Jeep Apparel

    Jeep Apparel

    Since 1941, the Jeep® brand has been a symbol of freedom and capability, designed for peak performance in rugged conditions. Jeep® and JEEP® SPIRIT apparel, footwear and accesso...

  • Ocean Deep

    Ocean Deep

    Ocean Deep snails are a culinary delicacy, distributed to the retail and food service industry for use in homes and restaurants across South Africa. The Ocean Deep brand is distrib...

  • Charms


    Charms is a delicious chocolate spread which is available in different flavours as well as the original chocolate hazelnut variant. Choose from chocolate hazelnut and milk chocolat...

  • Olivita


    Olivita offers a range of quality olive oils in different sizes specifically designed to meet the needs of the food service market in South Africa. The Olivita brand is distributed...

  • Style


    The Style brand brings glamour and panache to your own style. Offering a range of fine fragrances, cosmetics and fashion accessories, Style is for those who want to look and feel t...

  • Hurley


    Hurley is an international surf brand which offers apparel, footwear and accessories to men and women across the world. Hurley apparel, footwear and accessories are available in Hu...

  • Offenau


    Offenau specializes in gherkins, cocktail onions and sauerkraut and is available in all major food retailers in South Africa as well as the food service market. The Offenau brand i...

  • Sea Queen

    Sea Queen

    Sea Queen is a seafood brand, offering a range of canned Tuna, smoked oysters and mussels for the retail and food service industry in South Africa. The Sea Queen brand is distribut...