Central and Eastern Europe Brands

  • Stella


    Stella is the market leader in recycled refuse bags in Poland and has a significant presence in other kitchen cleaning accessories. The brand is also widely available in other mark...

  • Anna Zaradna

    Anna Zaradna

    Anna Zaradna is an affordable, market leading brand offering a range of recycled refuse bags and kitchen cleaning accessories in Poland andother markets in Central and Eastern Euro...

  • Unitop


    Unitop is one of the largest manufacturers of Sesame Snaps in the world and also produces sweeter treats such as Halva and Cream Fudge. The business has a long history in Poland, w...

  • Profi


    Profi is the market leader in ready-to-eat ambient offerings (pâté and soup) in Poland. Profi was launched as a poultry pâté brand 25 years ago and has successfully innovated i...

  • Sonko


    Sonko is a market leading brand in the healthy snacks category in Poland and offers a range of innovative products including rice cakes, crispbread, rusks, melba toast and matzo. M...

  • Risana


    Risana is the number 1 Rice and Groats brand in Poland, trusted by consumers for its consistently high quality products, comprehensive range and its availability in both the formal...