Foods Brands

  • Unitop


    Unitop is one of the largest manufacturers of Sesame Snaps in the world and also produces sweeter treats such as Halva and Cream Fudge. The business has a long history in Poland, w...

  • Liberty Select

    Liberty Select

    Liberty Select offers a range of canned fruit, vegetables and fish, as well as baking ingredients, to the food service industry in South Africa and neighbouring markets. Distribute...

  • Serena


    The Serena brand is known as ‘the taste of tradition’ for its quality range of authentic pasta (produced in Italy), canned tomatoes and beans, vinegars, couscous and pappadums ...

  • Offenau


    Offenau specializes in gherkins, cocktail onions and sauerkraut and is available in all major food retailers in South Africa as well as the food service market. The Offenau brand i...

  • Sea Queen

    Sea Queen

    Sea Queen is a seafood brand, offering a range of canned Tuna, smoked oysters and mussels for the retail and food service industry in South Africa. The Sea Queen brand is distribut...

  • Chef


    The Chef brand services the catering and food service industry with olive oils and blends and has recently launched an easy non-stick spray which is a convenient and effective way ...

  • Olivita


    Olivita offers a range of quality olive oils in different sizes specifically designed to meet the needs of the food service market in South Africa. The Olivita brand is distributed...

  • Charms


    Charms is a delicious chocolate spread which is available in different flavours as well as the original chocolate hazelnut variant. Choose from chocolate hazelnut and milk chocolat...

  • Ocean Deep

    Ocean Deep

    Ocean Deep snails are a culinary delicacy, distributed to the retail and food service industry for use in homes and restaurants across South Africa. The Ocean Deep brand is distrib...

  • Jemz


    Jemz is well-known for its canned coconut milks and creams, which are both Kosher and Halaal, but the Jemz brand also offers other specialized canned products like cherries, strawb...