Last week, many of our staff members were involved in a fantastic initiative organised by Ladles of Love to celebrate Mandela Day.

The idea was to set the world record for the world’s largest mosaic created entirely out of cans of food. The donated cans would then be given out to those in need. Ladles of Love needed cans but also volunteers to help with building the mosaic, making sandwiches for the homeless and chopping up vegetables for soup kitchen donations.

We are very proud to say that Bounty Foods got involved as a sponsor and donated over 3 400 cans to assist with the green and the blue colours of the mosaics. They also donated 100kg of peanut butter and jam for the sandwich making.

AFC and Tuffy also got involved with AFC donating over 300 cans from their CPT & JHB offices while 10 Tuffy employees attended the event in CPT and volunteered their time.

Two incredible mosaics were created – a South Africa flag in JHB and a Nelson Mandela portrait in CPT.

We can confirm that Ladles of Love did break the world record and the final stats for the day, across both events, were:

  • 88 725 food cans donated and placed on the mosaics
  • 3.8 tonnes of vegetables donated and chopped
  • 55 000 sandwiches were made on site or dropped off

Well done to everyone that was involved!